Paul Price



       I remember the first time I heard music. Oh, I had heard music in our house, at church, on t.v., and other places, but I mean the first time I heard music. I was in my Dad's car and I heard "Help" by the Beatles. Then came "Summer in the City" by the Lovin' Spoonful. My life was changed forever. Suddenly, I had to share my newfound treasure. I had to tell the world that music was so cool, and music had captured a five-year old's heart and imagination forever.


        I am now 51 and the feeling is still the same as it was then. My methods for sharing music have changed. Instead of carrying around a tape recorder--remember the Loudmouth 8-Tracks?--I actually play the music and teach children. My mission is simple--I want to create and play a tune then teach it to others.


        The arts make us human. The arts will define us to those who come after us. Let us leave a trail that is easy and pleasant to follow.



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