Paul Price

 This section is a reflection of my experience in the University of New England MSED program, and it is also a testament to the principles of leadership I deem to be important.


The main ideas in leadership revolve around collaboration. Top-down does not work, and my experiences with that type of leadership were never pleasant. A vision is to be shared and developed with others, and opinions are to be considered, teaching styles diversified, decisions made rationally, and the welfare of students considered above all things.


As I traveled through the UNE program, I realized that I am more suited to be involved in advocacy for the arts than becoming an AP in my county. I may still do that very thing, but only if I believe my voice matters. At times the things I learned at UNE seemed polar opposite to the performance-based mentality of my district, and I feel we must balance what we know to be good teaching practices and what we must do to keep our jobs. These things are often not related.


My strengths as a leader have grown exponentially as a result of the program at UNE, and I think my ability to see the "big picture" will benefit me forever. We cannot be so wrapped up in following the mandates the we forget to educate kids.


The arts make kids smarter. Let's not make that the justification for studying the arts. I have seen so much because of music. I have played all over the world, lived in another country, and have been blessed with the knowledge that I am able to do something I love to do. I never once said, "I am also better at math because of this." The fact is, that is a true statement, but the idea of the statement must not be what drives education in our schools. I leave you with this link that I believe all educators should read:

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