Paul Price


Paul Price


Artifact for ISLLC Standard 1: An education leader promotes the success of every student by facilitating the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a vision of learning that is shared and supported by all stakeholders.


Name of Artifact: MP3 files of examples from our school CD; UES Kids: Sing Your Heart Out.

Date: April 11, 2009

Course: EDU 695


Rationale: Every two or three years I record a CD of the entire school by grade level doing two songs each. This is designed primarily as a fund-raiser, but I also use each step in the process as a connection with classroom subjects and our school improvement plan. Each song is recorded by grade level, and this involves every student in school. There are about 100 students in each grade level, and I also include the UES Chorus on two songs as well. The involvement of the students is incredible, and every part of the production is done by the students. It is started by obtaining the backing tracks for the songs and the mechanical license to get permission to use the music. Then the rehearsing begins. All students learn the music, and then each grade level comes to the music room and records each song. The recording is done with high-quality microphones and recorded to computer software—usually either Cakewalk Sonar or Logic. Then the students learn the mix-down process on the computer. All of the grade levels are involved, and the skill levels are different per grade. Students must configure the times of songs, do the artwork for the cover, print the covers and data sheets, mass produce the CD’s with CDR duplicators, and package the finished product. The budget must be assessed by the students, and the sales process is the last part. Connections with math, science, language arts, technology, and music are made with each part of the process, and I make a special attempt to connect the program with the regular classroom.


I feel this artifact is an example of the development of a vision because every aspect of the project is linked with our school improvement plan, and every student on campus is involved. One of my philosophies in teaching elementary music is to include everyone, regardless of “talent” or musical skills. Each time we do this project, I grow as a teacher and a leader, and I constantly search for ways to make it more interesting. It is important for the students to feel that a project is “current”, and the involvement in the song selection allows each grade level to create the overall feel and style of the CD.


In administration, a leader conducts the business of all students on campus. I feel that doing this type of project allows me to move in that direction by “conducting” the music business on campus. I am very lucky to have 750 students, and I feel that dealing with different age groups day-in and day-out gives me insight into developing a vision for all students. Collaboration with every teacher is a must, and I always have had very enthusiastic involvement from the staff—well, that is, until I ask them to sing!



Reflection: The wonderful thing about doing a recording with the entire school is that it involves everyone. Every student wants to hear themselves on a recording. Every student is interested in how recordings are done and how the business works. A CD is a great fund-raiser because it is a historical artifact for each child, parent, family member, etc. I have been very careful in making the connections to our school vision and improvement plan, and there has always been significant parental help and enthusiasm.


The students learn how a CD is produced, and what must happen to make it possible. I was never met with negative attitudes when asking students to figure times and conduct math calculations to make things work. One of the main points of the success of this project is always this: students are extremely knowledgeable with regards to technology, and teachers must use this interest to create a positive learning environment. Gaining student interest is always half of the battle, and using things they like kindles that interest like nothing else.


We used our profits from the last CD to purchase Apple laptops for our computer music lab. Garage Band is an incredible composing tool, and if you’ve never heard of it ask an elementary student!


12 Hippo in My Locker 4th.m4a 12 Hippo in My Locker 4th.m4a
Size : 5.647 Kb
Type : m4a
13 Ready to Go 5th.m4a 13 Ready to Go 5th.m4a
Size : 5.321 Kb
Type : m4a
08 Balloons K.m4a 08 Balloons K.m4a
Size : 4.48 Kb
Type : m4a
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