Paul Price


Paul Price


Artifact for ISLLC Standard 5: An education leader promotes the success of every student by acting with integrity, fairness, and in an ethical manner.


Name of Artifact: Letters and programs showing student involvement.

Date: April 22, 2009

Course: EDU 695


Rationale: This artifact connects with some of the other standards also, but I really wanted to provide something that shows my involvement with all of the students and my commitment to them. I have included a letter from a member of our community that sums up my programs and attitude in a nutshell—I am committed to providing music classes and programs to every student at UES in a fair, ethical, and enjoyable manner. I have 750 students. I want to provide all 750 with the idea that music is fun and more than simple entertainment. I do this by showing my love and dedication through my actions in the class every day. My students see me practicing and know that I am a lifelong learner in music. My students know their involvement in music can be great or small, but they know their involvement is important to every class. My students look forward to coming to music class.


I have included two program covers from different musicals the done by the performing groups, and I have included two letters—one in Spanish—that show my commitment to inviting EVERY student to add to his/her musical experience by becoming a member of the morning music performing groups. The only requirement is to show up. All are welcome, and I believe this emphasizes my beliefs that every student can be a part of something greater. The performing groups encompass grades 2 through 5, but the kindergarten and first grades also are involved in performances throughout the year.


Ultimately, my goal is to provide all 750 students with an enjoyable experience, and I want them to take this experience and know they can grow in every way they wish. This is not about teaching notes and rhythms, but showing the joy of music by example.


Reflection: I look back upon my 11 years teaching music and think of all the students and their reactions to my classes. I feel the main thing I can do for elementary kids is to show them how music has touched my life. I can’t do that by telling them—they have to see it for themselves. I believe they do. It is impossible to fool children when your heart is not in it, and my students see me every day doing something that expresses my love and emotion in the arts. I believe in promoting this idea through the curriculum, and once again I say, “All are invited!”


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